Marsellus Wallace - Our Beautiful World

Possessing one of the world’s most respected music collections, San Diego based DJ Marcellus Wallace is perhaps most famous for his catalog of coveted soundtracks and library music holy-grails. A member of the LA-based "RENDEZVOUS!" collective and Philadelphia’s "Hot Peas & Butta" crew, this crate digger’s painstakingly curated mixtapes are the stuff of legend. Here, diving into the shimmering coves and illuminated reefs of his collection, Wallace uncovers oceanic ambient treasures and nature inspired atmospherics to concoct a thalassic tribute to the sounds of planet earth.

"Growing up as a kid, when I wasn't out riding my bike or getting into trouble, my face was glued to the television watching various educational documentaries. I've always been a visual learner. One thing I love the most about the programs that were aired in the 70's/80's, was the background music. It was warm, it was tense, it was engaging. Years later, I tried to recapture that feeling by hunting down records that had the same sound. And then I discovered Under Water library records. Ever since that moment I have made it a point to grab every Under Water record I could get my hands on. I’d also begun to collect Nature documentary LP's.

“Our Beautiful World is a guilty pleasure mix, combining all of the Under Water and Nature film LP's I’ve collected over the years. It's made simply for nostalgic purposes. Either you like it, or you pass on it. There's something about drone-like synth noises combined with floating string sections and bubbly Fender Rhodes that brings me back to eating cereal on the carpet with my favorite spoon."


Side A - Untitled (22:18)
Side B - Untitled (31:46)

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10 Apr 2017